Антиадгезионные покрытия

Anti-adhesive coating

 Anti-adhesive coatings are designed to protect metal and other surfaces from sticking to each other. Adhesion is caused by intermolecular interaction in the surface layer and is characterized by the energy required to separate surfaces. Adhesion causes an increased wear of rubbing parts. A layer of anti-adhesive coating can be applied in order to prevent surface contact.

Anti-adhesive coatings are used on surfaces of mechanisms, containers, tanks, bins, as well as industrial and transportation equipment. This type of coating improves gliding and also eliminates sticking and galling of metal surfaces.

PTFE is an example of materials that can be used to produce anti-adhesive coatings. Anti-adhesive coatings based on PTFE compositions combine valuable technical properties of fluoropolymers, such as high chemical, weather and tropical resistance, elasticity, heat and frost resistance, as well as good dielectric and anti-friction properties.

We produce anti-adhesive PTFE coatings with high technical and technological characteristics. We offer the following protective coatings with anti-adhesive properties:

  • FBF-74D antifriction composition – an anti-adhesive coating that can be used as a solid lubricant in hard-to-get-at spots in equipment, at a high specific pressure on the coating, in dusty conditions when conventional lubricants are ineffective, and in equipment working in seawater.

  • LF-32ln-2 PTFE varnish – this product is used for coatings with low water and moisture permeability, high dielectric properties, as well as resistance to corrosive mediums. It is used in the radio engineering industry to protect printed circuit boards and it is also used in electrical engineering for protection against corrosion.

  • LFE-32lnh PTFE-epoxy varnish – this product is used to make anti-friction, anti-adhesive, oxidation-resistant and weatherproof coatings, varnished cloth and products that can withstand prolonged exposure to corrosive mediums and temperature fluctuations without substantial change to their properties.

  • LF-42l PTFE varnish and LFE-42lh PTFE-epoxy varnish – these products are used to make coatings that are characterized by high anti-friction, anti-adhesive, oxidation-resistant and weatherproof properties.

Operating temperatures of our coatings range from -60 °C to + 180 °C.

Our anti-adhesive coatings are applied in the usual way (by brush, dip coating, air and airless spraying, and others) on dirt-free and rust-free surfaces which have been sandblasted, beadblasted or chemically treated and degreased with acetone or gasoline. If necessary, our clients are provided with a more detailed instruction on how to apply our anti-adhesive coatings.

Our anti-adhesive coatings are produced in accordance with technical standards (TU) and the state sanitary norms and regulations.