FUM PTFE sealing material (Russian code ФУМ)

FUM PTFE sealing material is a shaped article made of unsintered fluoroplastic-4D (GOST 14906-77). It is a chemically resistant, self-lubricating material for padding and sealing that operates at temperatures ranging from -60 °C to +150 °C and a pressure of up to 6.5 MPa.

This material is produced in a number of grades:

  • FUM-V (Russian code ФУМ-В) – this grade contains a lubricant (type V (Russian code В)) and is used in corrosive mediums of a general industrial type

  • FUM-F (Russian code ФУМ-Ф) – this grade contains a lubricant (type F (Russian code Ф)) and is used in specific operating conditions

  • FUM-0 ((Russian code ФУМ-0) – this grade does not contain a lubricant and is used with extra-pure substances and oxidizers.

When applied for the purpose intended, FUM PTFE sealing material is non-toxic and safe for health.

The type V lubricant is a mixture of nontoxic paraffin hydrocarbons. Its content in the sealing material is 13-14%. It has a flash point of +187 °C and a fire point of +290 °C.

It is prohibited to use FUM PTFE sealing materials at temperatures above +150 °C, as at temperatures above +200 °C fluoroplastic-4D starts to decompose with the release of gaseous toxic products such as carbonyl fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and other fluoroorganic compounds.

The threshold limit value of hydrogen fluoride is 0.5 mg/m3.

When working with FUM PTFE sealing materials, it is prohibited to smoke, use open flame and perform welding, as these processes can trigger decomposition of fluoroplastic-4D.