Аренда офисов и производственных помещений в Санкт-Петербурге

Аренда офисов и производственных помещений в Санкт-Петербурге

Rental of offices and industrial premises 
in St. Petersburg .


Office rental or Apartment Rental in St. Petersburg for your business starts with the question " Where? ". Currently on the market of St. Petersburg is a wide range of offers , allowing you to select and rent a room as an office , warehouse or production. In this issue important to orient correctly on the commercial real estate market of the city .

  When renting office

important measured approach , which includes an assessment of the business scale of functional tasks of leasable area , the need for the aesthetic impact on the future of clients and a lot of other components. Renting an office in St. Petersburg is necessary to define an area of ​​the room , remember , the minimum area shall be at least 6 m per employee . Choosing a location is important to consider transportation access . Office space in the center - it is prestigious , but do not forget about traffic and parking difficulties , and the cost of renting an office depends on the proximity of its center of St. Petersburg, at the approach to the center square meter price increases .


When renting production facilities to the fore the availability and feasibility of engineering infrastructure : electric power , the presence of heat transfer fluids ( hot water, steam ) , the possibility of water supply and sewerage . Counting the electrical power supply , consider the technological and engineering equipment with a margin of 15%. The presence of heat transfer significantly reduces operating costs. The height and width of openings leased industrial premises should allow to place used process equipment . Rental agencies and production facilities in St. Petersburg is important to consider the availability of public transport and heavy . Optimally leased production facilities closer to Kadu , which provides a convenient supply of raw materials and finished products , with the arrival of employees at the workplace provides an extensive public transport network of the city. Prices for rental of industrial premises in St. Petersburg vary over a wide range from which you want to select the appropriate .


most advantageous and convenient for today kind of rent - this rental offices and industrial premises for rent by owner . The owner of the premises is directly interested in the tenant and directs all its efforts on to create the best conditions for normal work he owns the building or structure .


JSC " Plastpolymer -T" offers to rent offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities by owners Krasnogvardejskiy in the St. Petersburg area . We renting office or production area, you will find everything you need for business : heated rooms , business center, telephone lines, the Internet, convenient access roads , parking. And the proximity to the Ring Road St. Petersburg provides the accessibility of the leased premises .


Office lease and rent industrial premises owned by the company " Plastpolymer -T" allows to reduce the current costs of doing business , as well as helping to create favorable conditions for the successful operation of your company !

Rental of offices and industrial premises by owner in St. Petersburg .


rental offices

Offices : 

Offices ( included in the rental rate of VAT and utilities ):

       • from 50 m2 to 100 m2 ( 2-4 floors ) from 500 rubles ..
    • 80,5 m2 - office block , 2nd floor price of 500 r/m2

The rental rate includes VAT and utilities !

Offices are located in St. Petersburg at ul.Kommuny d.67 in a protected area with a through mode

Phones for contact: (812 ) 527-64-32, 319-30-00.

Rent industrial and warehouse




668 , 0 m 2 - 3rd floor . , warm , redecorating , h- 3, 6 pm , there is a lift (load -Th 1t. ) , good access for clean production or warehouse , the price of 300 p /m. + Com. services


• _ot 5__0 __ 100 __ m__2 _ - 2-4 floors without lift , h = 3.5, price 
      R/m2 250 (incl. VAT) + utilities


All production facilities are located in close proximity to the Ring Road in St. Petersburg at ul.Kommuny d.67 .

Production facilities are located in a protected area with access mode, a telephone and Internet .

Phones for contact: (812 ) 527-64-32, 319-30-00