Электроизоляционные материалы

Electrically insulating materials

 Electrically insulating materials are used to isolate the live parts of electrical devices (e.g. wires, power lines, the winding of machines and devices, etc.). Electrically insulating materials secure the passage of electric current through the planned paths in electrical devices, and they also prevent current leakage. The quality of electrical insulation in equipment used at electric power plants determines their reliability. A major part of accidents at these plants is due to faulty electrical insulation.

The quality of electrically insulating materials depends on their electrical and mechanical properties, their heat resistance, acid resistance and resistance to other physical and chemical agents. The electrical properties of insulating materials are mainly characterized by their resistance or electrical conductivity: the less the current leakage, the better the insulating material.

Dielectrics are often used as electrically insulating materials as they have a significantly higher volume resistivity than conductive materials do. PTFE insulating materials have become widespread owing to the fact that fluoropolymers have a high electric strength. PTFE insulating materials are used where a combination of high heat resistance, good dielectric properties and chemical resistance is required.

We at Plastpolymer-Prom offer a wide range of electrically insulating materials made of PTFE and PTFE compositions:

  • PTFE heat-shrink tubes – these tubes are meant for electrical insulation and additional mechanical protection of lead wires as well as for the insulation of winding wire connections in the frontal parts of submersible electrical equipment; for sealing probe cables in borehole geophysical equipment operating in contact with reservoir water, gas, and oil; in radio electronics; in the process of installing on-board electrical networks in vehicles.

  • F-4EOLN PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape – this tape can be used as an insulating material for wires, cables and junction points under the influence of corrosive mediums.

Our PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape shows particularly good results when it is used to repair and splice cables of electrical submersible pumps operating in oil wells in contact with reservoir fluids (a mixture of oil, water and gas) as well as to provide external isolation for transformer coils.

  • TAF PTFE heat-shrink tubes – these tubes are meant for use as an insulating material and an anti-adhesive coating of metal parts.

  • pressure tubes made of fluoroplastic-4D – these tubes are used to manufacture various corrosion-resistant and electrically insulating parts.

  • special tubes made of fluoroplastic-4D – these electrically insulating tubes can be used as hoses for supplying water to the high-voltage windings of turbo generators and hydroelectric generators as well as to the coolers of thyristor converters.

  • rods and shapes made of fluoroplastic-4D – these electrically insulating products are used to manufacture electrical, anti-corrosive and anti-friction parts by the machining method.

  • film made of fluoroplastic-MB – this type of film is used for electrical insulation in the radio engineering, electrical and cable industries.

  • FBF-74D anti-friction composition – this electrically insulating material is used to insulate wires and to protect metal parts from atmospheric corrosion with a layer of anti-friction coating.

Our electrically insulating materials are produced in accordance with technical standards (TU) and the state sanitary norms and regulations.