PTFE products

Products made of PTFE are in great demand among consumers. Such popularity is due to the unique properties of the material they are made of. Fluoropolymers contain fluorine atoms, which gives them a high chemical resistance. Strong oxidizers have no effect on them even at high temperatures. Fluoropolymers are poorly soluble or insoluble in many organic solvents. They are used to manufacture a number of products having high dielectric properties, resistance to corrosive mediums and ability to work at temperatures of up to +260 °С.

The Plastpolymer association used to be one of Russia’s largest enterprises in the field of research, development and manufacturing of PTFE products. The Okhta Chemical Plant was a manufacturing unit within the structure of the association. Later it became a separate organization, which got the name of Plastpolymer-Prom, and now it specializes in the production of PTFE products and compositions.

We at Plastpolymer-Prom use polytetrafluoroethylene, the most widely used type of fluoropolymers, and a number of its compositions:

  • fluoroplastic-4d (GOST 14906-77) – a fine PTFE modification with a lower relative molecular mass. It differs from PTFE only in the form of its particles. The use of fluoroplastic-4d allows for making the production of PTFE products more efficient and economical.

  • fluoroplastic-4a – a sintered modification of PTFE in the form of white powder having all the properties of PTFE. Products made of fluoroplastic-4a are easier to manufacture, do not coagulate or stick together during transportation and storage.

  • fluoroplastic-4mb – a fully fluorinated copolymer having an excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of temperature and pressure changes. As to chemical resistance, it is virtually identical to that of PTFE. Products made of fluoroplastic-4mb have a somewhat lower thermal resistance (operating temperatures range from -196 °C to + 200 °C), but at the same time are easier to produce.

Over many years of work we at Plastpolymer-Prom have accumulated extensive experience and created a unique technological base, which allows us to develop and produce PTFE products of high quality and for different purposes.

Our PTFE products are used in the chemical, petrochemical, electrical, mechanical engineering, instrument making and other industries. Among the products that we produce are:

  • high and low pressure hoses;

  • PTFE pipes;

  • sealing materials;

  • insulating materials;

  • anti-corrosion materials;

  • anti-adhesive coatings;

  • lined products;

  • oil-resistant film.

Call the commercial department or use the order form on the website for more detailed information about prices and the range of our products.