Лента из фторопласта Ф4-ДП

F-4DP PTFE porous tape (Russian code Ф-4ДП)

We produce PTFE porous tape with a width ranging from 0.1 mm to 135 mm. This tape is meant for sealing pipes and different equipment including that in the in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

When used as a sealing material in threaded connections, it fits thread more tightly that the customary PTFE tape, and it has a 3-fold higher turn-to-turn friction rate, which makes it easier to wrap it around threaded parts. Moreover, one meter of F-4DP PTFE tape weighs two times less than one meter of the customary PTFE tape, which means that the customer can get two times more tape. Also, F-4DP PTFE tape can be used to form electrical cable harnesses and gas-permeable membranes in chemical power sources.

F-4DP PTFE porous tape can operate in contact with any acids and alkalis with pH values from pH 0 to pH 14 as well as with solvents and strong oxidants including oxygen. The exceptions are the solutions and melts of alkali metals, and atomic fluorine.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to tape +260 °C.