FUM-V and FUM-0 PTFE sealing material (Russian codes ФУМ-В and ФУМ-0)

FUM-V and FUM-0 PTFE sealing material (Russian codes ФУМ-В and ФУМ-0)

ТУ 6-05-1570-86
Heating and water supply
Oil and gas production and processing
Chemical industry

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PTFE sealing material is a shaped article made of unsintered fluoroplastic-4D containing or not containing a lubricant. Fluoroplastic-4D has a rather wide range of operating temperatures, is resistant to water vapour, corrosive mediums, as well as to climatic and bacterial exposure. It has a rather high strength and also excellent electrical insulation, anti-friction and anti-adhesive properties.

Our PTFE sealing material can be used as:

  • a sealing material for various types of threaded and flanged connections;

  • a chemical-resistant, self-lubricating stuffing (in fixed joints) and leak-proofing material for shut-off valves, pumps and various seals in chemical equipment and pipelines;

  • a sealing material for equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to +150 °C (for grade B).

The process pressure can be up to 6.3 MPa.

We produce PTFE sealing material FUM-V (Russian code ФУМ-В) which can be used in corrosive mediums of a general industrial type. This material contains a lubricant (type V (Russian code В)).

Our PTFE sealing material is produced in two types:

  • round in cross-section – 4 mm to 8 mm in diameter, with a length not less than 2 m;

  • square in cross-section – 3x3 mm to 8x8 mm, with a length not less than 2 m.

  • length – 5 m to 50 m depending on the cross-section.

We can produce PTFE sealing material of other sizes by agreement with the customer.

The main technical characteristics of metal braided PTFE hoses



Type V (Russian code В)

Higher grade

First grade

Tensile strength at break, MPa (kgf/cm2), not less than

3.34 (35)

2.45 (25)

Elongation at break, %, not less than