F-4DP PTFE porous tape (Russian code Ф-4ДП)

ТУ 2245-571-00203521-2003
Heating and water supply
Oil and gas production and processing
Chemical industry

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PTFE porous tape is made of fluoroplastic-4D by extrusion and calendering with the following orientation and heat treatment.

Our PTFE porous tape can be used:

  • as a sealing material in threaded connections;

  • as a sealing material in complex connections of flat flanges;

  • in gas-permeable diaphragms in power sources and gas analyzers.

The main characteristics of PTFE porous tape


Grade U (Russian code У)

Physical characteristics

White smooth tape without cracks or folds. There may be slight impurities.

Total porosity, %


Tensile strength, MPa (kgf / cm2), not less than

11.7 (120)

Percentage of elongation, %, not less than


Thickness, mm

0.100; 0.150

Width, mm


 PTFE porous tape of all grades is highly resistant to corrosive mediums in the entire range of pH values from pH 0 to pH 14, and is operable at temperatures ranging from -60 °C to +260 °C.

Here are some of the qualities of PTFE porous tape:

  • it fits thread more tightly due to the optimal trade-off between the longitudinal and transverse strength;

  • it does not contain any lubricant, which allows for its use in any medium;

  • porous tape can be used to form electrical cable harnesses and gas-permeable membranes in chemical power sources;

  • it has a 3-fold higher turn-to-turn friction rate, which makes it easier to wrap it around threaded parts.

We produce PTFE porous tape of the following sizes:

thickness – 0.045 mm to 0.2 mm;

width – 10 mm to 135 mm;

length – 200 m.

PTFE porous tape is supplied on spools with a diameter of 76 mm or on plastic reels.

As the price is determined based on the weight of the product, the buyer gets two times the volume of porous tape compared to the customary PTFE tape.