Poroflex ePTFE cord

ТУ 2247-085-00203521-2004
Heating and water supply
Oil and gas production and processing
Chemical industry

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 Material for padding and sealing

Poroflex ePTFE cord is a chemically resistant, self-lubricating material for padding and sealing which has been designed for application in pump and compressor units, as well as in valves and pipelines.

ePTFE cord is used:

  • in heating and water supply networks;

  • in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries;

  • in the oil and gas processing industry.

Poroflex is a porous cord of round or square cross-section. It is made of fluoroplastic-4D through stretching and heat treatment. Due to its special porous structure, Poroflex ePTFE cord compares favourably with an ordinary cord made of fluoroplastic-4D (PTFE cord “B”).

The main technical characteristics of Poroflex ePTFE cord

Working parameters


PTFE cord “B”

Operating temperatures

-260 °С to +260 °С

-60 °С to +150 °С

Operating pressure, (kg/cm2)



Density, (g/cm3)

0,7 - 0,8

2,2 - 2,4

Additional advantages of Poroflex ePTFE cord:

  • it is completely resistant to any chemical agents, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and strong oxidants;

  • its high strength and ductility enable it to adapt easily to any surface, even one damaged by corrosion, to smoothen surface irregularities and to compensate for misalignment of flanges;

  • a low coefficient of friction which eliminates rod wear;

  • additional protection against corrosion;

  • environmentally friendly material;

  • unlimited shelf life;

  • it can be easily removed for repair as it does not stick to the walls of the sealing gland.

Plastpolymer-Prom produces the following types of ePTFE cords:

  • cords round in cross-section – 2 to 10 mm in diameter;

  • cords square in cross-section – 2x2mm to 10x10mm;

  • length – 5 to 50 m depending on the cross-section.

Poroflex ePTFE cord is supplied either in coils packed in plastic bags or in plastic reels. The company can produce cords of other sizes and sections by agreement with the customer.

Poroflex ePTFE cord is produced in accordance with technical standards (TU) and the state sanitary norms and regulations. If necessary, we are ready to provide samples for testing and to give all the necessary information on the use of Poroflex ePTFE cord.