F-4EOLN PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape (Russian code Ф-4ЭОЛН)

F-4EOLN PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape (Russian code Ф-4ЭОЛН)

ТУ 2245-093-00203521-2007 Available in stock
Road and rail transport
Electrical engineering and electronics
Aerospace industry
Oil and gas production and processing

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PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape is made of electrical oriented tape one side of which is covered with OHZ-28-F2 glue (Russian code ОХЗ-28-Ф2). Oil-resistant tape can be used to insulate wires, cables, and junction points under the influence of corrosive mediums. Our PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape shows particularly good results when it is used to repair and splice cables of electrical submersible pumps operating in oil wells in contact with reservoir fluids (a mixture of oil, water and gas) as well as to provide external isolation for transformer coils.

The results of the tests showed that PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape produced by Plastpolymer-Prom can provide equipment with strong protection under temperatures of up to +200 °C on condition that the tape is additionally fixed to the surface of the equipment. Repair work and splicing should be carried out at temperatures from +15 °C to +40 °C.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to + 200 °C.

The main technical characteristics of PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape

Strength of adhesion to steel plates (steel grade St3 (Russian code Ст3)) , N/m (kgf/cm), not less than

245.0 (0.250) *

Volume resistivity, Ω⋅m, not less than


Width, mm
Standard width, mm

9-80 **

Thickness with the adhesive layer, mm

0.06; 0.09; 0.12


* It is possible to produce tape with strength of adhesion of up to 1,000 N/m (1 kgf/cm)

** It is possible to produce tape wider than 80 mm (up to 90 mm) by agreement with the customer

PTFE oil-resistant adhesive tape is our in-house product. We use PTFE which has excellent chemical resistance. We regularly upgrade our products and today we offer two types of PTFE tape spools.

 Type 1

 Type 2

Outer winding diameter, mm



Inner winding diameter, mm



Length, m

25 ± 5

10 ± 1

Spool weight, g

75 ± 5

25 ± 5