F-4D-PD PTFE porous film tape (Russian code Ф-4Д-ПД)

F-4D-PD PTFE porous film tape (Russian code Ф-4Д-ПД)

ТУ 2245-571-00203521-2003
Heating and water supply
Oil and gas production and processing
Chemical industry

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PTFE porous film tape is produced by orienting and heat treating unsintered calandered film tape made of fluoroplastic-4D and not containing a lubricant.

PTFE porous film tape can be used in manufacturing:

  • various types of sealing for equipment and pipelines, including equipment in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries;

  • piping for hot and cold drinking water;

  • isolation of RF cables and gas-permeable diaphragms in chemical power sources.

PTFE porous film tape can operate in contact with any acids, alkalis (pH ranging from 0 to 14), solvents, strong oxidizing agents, including oxygen, except for solutions of molten alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride, and atomic fluorine.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to +260 °C.