SKLF-4D PTFE raw calendered film tape (Russian code СКЛФ-4Д)

SKLF-4D PTFE raw calendered film tape (Russian code СКЛФ-4Д)

ТУ 301-05-49-90
Electrical engineering and electronics
Chemical industry

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PTFE raw calendered film tape is meant for use as an insulating material for wires, cables and other electrical monolithic products produced by sintering. It is an unsintered biaxially oriented film made or fluoroplastic-4D by extrusion calendering and it is supplied in the form of tape of different widths.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to +250 °C.

We produce PTFE raw calendered film tape of the following types:

  • unpainted tape without filling agents;

  • unpainted tape with filling agents;

  • painted tape without filling agents;

  • painted tape with filling agents.

We use mineral pigments as dyes and filling agents.

By agreement with the customer we can produce painted tape without filling agents of up to ten basic colours (white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, brown, black, purple, grey). Painted tape with filling agents can be produced in seven colours (red, orange, yellow, blue, grey, green, brown) and unpainted tape with filling agents is produced in one colour (white).

PTFE raw calendered film tape is non-explosive, non-combustible, non-toxic, and resistant to all corrosive mediums.

There are two grades of the film depending on its properties: higher grade and first grade.