Corrugated PTFE hose with wire braid

Corrugated PTFE hose with wire braid

ТУ 6-05-041-756-83
Road and rail transport
Aerospace industry
Oil and gas production and processing

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 Corrugated PTFE hoses with wire braid are flexible pipes made of fluoroplastic-4D with a corrugated part and smooth ends. Our corrugated PTFE hoses can be used in various industries, and demand for them is growing due to the unique properties of the material. Fluoroplastic-4D provides these hoses with resistance to nearly all known corrosive mediums at operating temperatures of up to +230 °C.

Our PTFE hoses can be used:

  • in pumps for pumping corrosive liquids, crude oil, gas condensate, oil water and groundwater, as well as for delivering purified water while cooling nuclear reactors;

  • in hydraulic systems of machines and mechanisms;

  • for canning corrosive substances from machines, barrels and tanks;

  • for supplying gas and petrol at filling stations;

  • for supplying gas to household gas stoves;

  • for supplying concrete grout, paint or varnish;

  • as automotive fuel hoses.

Operating temperatures range from -60 °C to +230 °C.

 We produce the following types of PTFE hoses:

Corrugated PTFE hoses without braiding:

  • Smooth ends:

    • Nominal pipe size – 20 mm; 25 mm
    • Wall thickness – 1.50 mm
    • Length of the smooth end on the one side – not less than 150 mm; 100 mm
  • Corrugated part:

    • Outer diameter – 27 mm; 35 mm

    • Inner diameter – 18 mm; 25 mm

    • Corrugation pitch – 12 mm

    • Full length – from 300 to 2200 mm

    • Nominal pressure – 0.2 MPa (2.0 kgf/cm2)

PTFE corrugated hoses with wire braid:

  • Nominal pipe size – 20 mm; 25 mm

  • Outer diameter (with braiding) – 28.2 mm; 36.2 mm

  • Nominal pressure – 2.0 MPa (20.0 kgf/cm2)

  • Flexural strength at a minimum bending radius of the hose:

    • from NPS equal to 6 mm to NPS equal to 20 mm – 3 NPS

    • from NPS equal to 25 mm or above – 6 NPS

  • Hoses are pressure-tight at 1.5 NP.